Recreation SA is an independent, member based organisation with a vision to increase the participation and profile of active recreation in South Australia.

Our mission is to increase the participation and profile of active recreation in South Australia. We are the peak body for Aquatics, Outdoor, Community, Fitness & Health industries.

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Recreation SA has just released the State’s first-ever Code of Practice for Public Swimming Pools in SA.

It aims to benefit all employees and patrons in the aquatic industry by providing a framework for planning and assessing aquatic environments, creating and maintaining safer venues and minimising risks and hazards.

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What is Watch Around Water?

Learning to swim for children is not only an important part of their development but also has many benefits. However, providing a safe environment and adequate supervision for children to swim is just as important.

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Clubs SA supports vital water safety program for further two years

Recreation SA is delighted to announce Clubs SA has agreed to again partner with us and support the expansion of the Watch Around Water program for further two years.

The backing of Clubs SA will enable Recreation SA to continue to work towards strengthening the reach of this vital water safety program in SA.

Achieving this target will assist in the reduction of drowning-related incidents in the SA aquatic sector and enhance the promotion of a culture of water safety across the entire community.

Recreation SA is grateful for the support of Clubs SA.

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