About Us

Recreation SA is committed to supporting the growth and development of Community Recreation, Outdoor Recreation, Fitness and Health and Aquatic Industries in South Australia.

Mission Statement

Recreation SA will increase active participation in recreation by working in partnership with the Community Recreation, Outdoor Recreation, Fitness and Health and Aquatic industries in South Australia.

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Our Objectives

Sympathetic to our core values of inclusion and consultation we strive to achieve equality for all our members and provide services to our members by:


Working with the aquatics industry to ensure consistent codes and standards and advocate for the development of the industry.


Supporting and encouraging entities such as facilities and programs to develop, participate and encourage recreational activities.


Ensuring the public enjoy high standards of service through Codes of Practice and Standards for outdoor recreational activities.

Fitness and Health

Support training and industry development.

Seminars, Training, Events, Activities

Ensuring that all our recreation activities are provided to the highest standard, by conducting training seminars, workshops, and networking opportunities. This provides members with current training techniques, insurance issues updates and industry developments.