Aquatic Advisory Committee

The purpose of this standing committee is to further the interests of Recreation SA by enhancing the growth, quality and standards of the aquatics recreation sector in South Australia.  The committee will focus on aquatic recreation within swimming facilities.

The Committee will:

  1. Make recommendations to the Board and other standing committees of Recreation SA with regard to the Aquatics Recreation sector;
  2. Support the aquatics industry in South Australia;
  3. To publicise and promote the value of Aquatics Recreation and encourage increased participation in recreation activities;
  4. To provide a forum for Aquatics Recreation service providers to exchange information about current research, innovations, trends and sector standards;
  5. To promote relevant and appropriate industry standards;
  6. To initiate and promote training programs aimed at improving the viability of Aquatics Recreation sector service providers;


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The Aquatic Advisory Committee can be contacted c/o Pania Rawlins at


Committee Meeting Precis

Next Meeting: 10:30am, 2 March 2017 at Recreation SA

2 February 2017 - cancelled