Client Retention Strategies- How to Motivate and inspire clients and staff (2 CECs)


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Time: 12-2pm
Date: Friday, July 29
Location: The Parks Recreation and Sports Centre

How do you motivate and inspire your clients and staff?

What makes them tick?

If you lead a team of PT’s or exercise instructors, or if you’re a PT with your own clients this workshop is for you.

Learn how to identify what will motivate and inspire your client to exercise regularly for the long term. Upskill yourself or your PT’s and exercise leaders with skills that they will be able to use with their own clients.

If you are feeling the pain of a low retention rate, this could be the ideal workshop for you. Learn how you can inspire and generate light bulb moments for your client that will lead to on-going exercise commitments.

Consider if you are asking the right questions of your clients in order to truly understand their motivators… Do they want to stay in shape for health reasons to run a marathon or to look glam for a milestone event! Learn how to discover these motivators and why this is key in helping your clients achieve their personal fitness goals.

The workshop will be guided by Tricia Labella, an advanced skill lecturer at TAFESA Regency Campus and a lecturer at the Endeavour College of Natural Health. Tricia brings a passion for personal improvement and well- being and years of experience working in the Fitness Industry.

Tricia will outline the benefits of an awareness tool that will assist you to provide a personalised service. You will learn how to -

  • Gather relevant information in order to successfully connect fitness goals to your clients own values
  • Pinpoint key areas to challenge client motivation and move beyond barriers
  • Implement motivational strategies to support your client in achieving their own personal fitness goals.

This could be the missing ingredient in the way you relate to your client or staff member, know what makes them tick and use it to both of your advantage!

Identify what motivates and inspires client to exercise regularly for the long term. Upskill yourself and your PT’s with techniques to be used when dealing with clients. Boost your retention rate with this workshop, presented by TAFE SA advanced skill lecturer Tricia Labella.

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