Superfoods “Truth or Trend” Workshop – 2 CEC’s

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Time: 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Date: Saturday 24 June 2017
Location: VENUE CHANGED TO: NEXT GEN HEALTH & LIFESTYLE CLUBS, War Memorial Drive, North Adelaide

Themis will separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to foodstuffs that inspire extravagant claims for health benefits.

“Can any food really call itself super?”

There are endless numbers of mixed and inaccurate messages being thrown around about food and dietary advice and on how to maintain a healthy body weight! Personal Trainers are often well placed to offer advice about nutrition “Your clients trust and confide in you”.

This workshop will outline your scope of practice as a fitness professional, some of the basic facts about Superfoods and provide you with a good understanding of the key elements about maintaining a healthy body weight.

Themis Chryssidis is an accredited Practicing Dietician, Sports Dietician, Personal Trainer and in partnership with Sprout Cooking School Celebrity Chef Callum Hann.

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