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9 May 2017

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Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Not all Mums want a pair of pyjamas for the sleep they don't get.  No cookbooks to feed the mob or I [heart] Mum mug for the coffee that will get reheated umpteen times.

Want to give your Mum something to make her feel alive?

Here's a few ideas that's sure to knock her pink bedtime woolly socks off.

1. Gym Membership

Not because Mum is sad and overweight but because feeling strong is empowering.  Plus it means you're committed to giving her that Mother's Day time-to-herself love for 60 minutes everyday.  Fitness centre, aquatic centre, personal training, recreational club membership, annual membership.

2. Professional Development

Being a Master in all things Mum isn't enough for some.  She's actually hungry for knowledge in that field she's always loved but has never prioritised because #MumLyfe.  Fitness, massage, nutrition, swim teaching, aqua fitness, lifeguarding, coaching, umpiring, outdoor recreation.

3. Bucket List

School holidays are over and Mum just executed the best two weeks of activities so you couldn't watch tv once.  Now it's her turn.  Learn to swim, ride a horse, scuba diving, rock climbing, paddling.

4. Wardrobe

Your safe zone.  Your if in doubt place.  Every Mum appreciates items that are comfortable and will help her perform to her best.  Visor, leggings, bathers, professionally fitted pair of running shoes from a running store, same goes for the sports bra.  Good support is everything.

5. Equipment

Mum doesn't want to just participate, she wants to be fierce.  Who wouldn't want to be the best they can be?  Go as far as they can? Go as regular as they can?  Improve as much as they can?  A pair of goggles, gym towel, hydration vest, sports bag, helmet, foam roller.

6. Package It Up

Now, to accompany that beautiful card you created yourself.  Read that line again.  Show you're a gift giving boss by theming a few items to show you really want her to be and do what she loves.  Registration to upcoming event, new socks and a new visor.  We're talking credits come birthday time.  If-ya-know-what-I-mean.

When you're ready to break free from the standard and give your Mum something amazing, head to Current Members on our website and check out some of the amazing services that aren't part of your typical letterbox drop lead up to the big day.


1 May 2017

Bike Month

May is Bike Month - what better reason to get back in the saddle?!

The wind in your hair, that soaring feeling and that sense of freedom.  Riding your bike allows you to explore your environment from a different perspective.  It gets your legs moving and your heart pumping without the stress on your joints.

Do it at home on the stationary bike or on rollers.  At the gym or in a spin class.  On the road or on a trail.  For fun, for fitness, for freedom.  For fresh air, for clean air.  For access, for commuting.