Read all about the latest Watch Around Water news.

New Watch Around Water Accredited Centres:

Congratulations to our newest Recreation SA members who are adopting Watch Around Water as a drowning prevention program at their aquatic facilities.

Wattle Range Council: Penola Swimming Pool, Nangwarry Swimming Pool, Awareness Centre - Millicent Swimming Lake

Next Gen Memorial Drive

Awareness Centres:

Registration will now be available to public and private pools with varying levels of staffing and lifeguard supervision over the water space, such as caravan parks, school pools, gym pools, pools that operate on the key system or operated by volunteers.  Registrations fees will be at a reduced price and signage has been adapted to suit these facilities.


  • Recreation SA will be trialling a new format for re-registering centres to receive their resources, based on feedback received at the conclusion of last season.  Each centre will be given “Watch Around Water dollars” to spend on the resources that will complement operations at individual centres the best.  This order form will be available as soon as the artwork for new resources as been approved.
  • Two new resources available in 2015/16 including the addition of an A2 corflute with the Under 5 and Under 10 rules prominent, and lifeguard cards

 Watch Around Water Week:

After meeting with VIC and WA in August, our goal is to implement Watch Around Water week to coincide with the first week of Summer.  This event is sponsor dependent with the objective to utilise the program mascot Walter the Watch Dog to promote the key messages through child orientated resources such as activity books, tattoos and stickers for Centre patrons.

National News:

Recreation SA met with program coordinators Lifesaving VIC and Royal Life Saving WA in Fremantle in August.  It was a positive meeting with great outcomes for program direction and development, with five key objectives:

1. Provide better value for money to WAW partners

2. Greater collaboration to streamline the workload across WA, VIC and SA

  • Online resources available through Recreation SA Member logins
  • National WAW website development

3. Improve the visibility of the program

  • Increase sponsorship, investigate national proposals
  • Target a national spokesperson/ advocate

4. Develop the practical implementation component of the program

  • Facility implementation plan, self-assessment/ risk assessment, scenario based training videos for customer service and lifeguards

5. Grow the program


Recreation SA is extremely fortunate to continue having Clubs SA as Major Sponsor of the award-winning Watch Around Water safety program.

Clubs SA's two-year sponsorship has allowed Recreation SA to apply more strategic planning to Watch Around Water and have a different focus for each year.

Nine Adelaide are remaining program Supporter with Brenton Ragless as Ambassador.

Nine will again be sponsoring the Watch Around Water Community Innovation Award, so we urge people to take photos of all their hard work over the season.