How to use Dumbbells in the Water Workshop 2 CECS (TBC)            

Inspire your clients and add variety to your summer program with a cool alternative to land based exercise.

Annette Chatterton presents on the versatility of dumbbells and how they can be used as an effective tool to exercise in the water. She will outline why they are so effective. Come ready to experience it for yourself as she will take participants through a water workout which will include warm up, conditioning, cool down and stretches.

This workshop will:

Increase your repertoire of Dumbbell exercises, exposing you to many new ones and adding variations of exercises they you may already use.

Increase your anatomical knowledge of muscles activation in each Dumbbell exercise

Improve your ability to analyse clients’ posture in the aqua classes and appropriately select exercises to improve their posture and provide a balanced workout for participants.

Increase your understanding of the mechanical principles of using buoyant equipment in the water

Improve your focus on improving communication and cuing in order to instruct a superb aqua classes

Increase your knowledge of special populations and the exercise modifications to safely cater for them in the aqua class when using Dumbbells.

Annette Chatterton is a regular presenter at FileX she is a registered fitness instructor and personal instructor, founding director of the Australian Institute of Fitness (SA& NT) a course coach at the Australian Institute of Fitness.

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