The development of the Australian Adventure Activity Standards (AAS) was recently discussed in Melbourne, with members of the project Steering Committee coming together from around Australia.

Key agenda items included identifying trends in outdoor adventure activity participation and project planning.

The working groups will be responsible for the drafting of the AAS.

Once completed the draft AAS will then be open for public consultation and feedback.

The working groups will be made up of highly experienced adventure activity ‘experts’ with skills, knowledge and experience in delivery and management in a wide range of contexts. The first working group to be formed will look at the ‘common content’ that can be applied to all adventure activities.

The first working group was recently established to work on drafting the Australian Adventure Activity Standards (AAS).

Members include: Margot Hurrell (Chair), Clare Dallat, David Chitty, David Clarke, Dave Simpson, Graham Sharpe, Julian Atherstone, Peter McKenna, Peter Vandepeer and Phil Harrison.

The depth of experience and the willingness to be involved was especially pleasing. It is hoped this is an indicator that there will be strong participation in the public consultation phase by highly experienced and qualified practitioners. This will further enhance the outcome from the development process.

With so much planning work having been completed, it is very exciting that development work has now started.

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