Recreation SA is delighted to announce Clubs SA has agreed to again partner with the organisation and support the expansion of the Watch Around Water program for further two years. The backing of Clubs SA will enable Recreation SA to continue to work towards achieving its aim to strengthen the reach of the program in SA, to obtain a total of 65 registered Watch Around Water venues across the state by 2018. Achieving this target will assist in the reduction of drowning-related incidents in the SA aquatic sector and enhance the promotion of a culture of water safety across the entire community.

Thanks to the financial support of Clubs SA over the past two years, Recreation SA has been able to fund and deliver a 100 per cent increase in registered locations across the state, resulting in thousands more families becoming aware of the importance of the Watch Around Water safety concepts.

At the commencement of Clubs SA’s major sponsorship in 2014, the Watch Around Water program was being implemented in 22 local swimming pools. Utilising funding from Clubs SA, Recreation SA has been supported to further develop and expand the program, with Watch Around Water now implemented throughout 45 metropolitan and regional public swimming centres.

Watch Around Water in SA can now boast significant customer reach, with the Watch Around Water message now extended to more than 4 million patrons and swimming school students per annum in this state.