Fitness Professional Network Series

Recreation SA has started 2017 with a well-attended Fitness Professional Network series workshop Leadership Vs Management. Darren Roberts engaged the audience with a number of Leadership strategies for managers to implement with their team.

Bronwyn Commandeur Centre Manager / Area Manager YMCA felt that her staff really benefitted from attending this workshop:

“Thanks for arranging the session yesterday with Darren, he was fantastic. Such good feedback from our staff team who attended.”

See below for a number of events Recreation SA have scheduled for SA Exercise Professionals.

Just a reminder that you can enjoy a members discount for workshops by becoming either an individual member or organisational members of Recreation SA.

For more details check out our website or contact the office 8272 4396.


Upcoming Fitness events for 2017

Saturday 25 March -Boxing Workshop-Boxing Fitter Faster Stronger 2 CECS presented by Ben Crawford

An interactive, fun session that will provide participants with the latest information and ideas on the key elements to running an effective Group Exercise boxing session.

Ben will demonstrate how to keep clients motivated by a variety of exercises and great tips for class flow. A combination of bags, pads and body weight exercises will be included for you to try in this session. Come ready to sweat it out


Monday April 3 -Recreation SA Parks and Leisure State Conference Click here to Register

The event, with its over-arching theme of ‘Transforming Challenges into Opportunities’, will feature three streams to capture the whole of the recreation, leisure and parks sector: Healthy, Active Communities, Business & Technology and Government & Planning. It will showcase innovative ideas and emerging trends and has a strong emphasis on discussions and workshops, sharing ideas and experiences, as well as networking.


May -Yoga Across the AGES presented by Paula Lyle

This interactive workshop for group exercise leaders will focus on a variety of moves and positions that will challenge your clients BALANCE, FLEXIBILITY and CORE STRENGTH. Take home a number of new exercises and positions that will invigorate and motivate your clients. Paula works with the Adelaide Thunderbirds and the Adelaide Crows and is known for her soothing voice and endless numbers of Yoga exercises for clients across the Ages.


June -Superfoods Workshop 2 CECS -presented by Themis Chrysisdis

Themis will separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to foodstuffs that inspire extravagant claims for health benefits. “Can any food really call itself super?” There are endless numbers of mixed and inaccurate messages being thrown around about food and dietary advice and on how to maintain a healthy body weight! Personal Trainers are often well placed to offer advice about nutrition “Your clients trust and confide in you”. This workshop will outline your scope of practice as a fitness professional, some of the basic facts about Superfoods and provide you with a good understanding of the key elements about maintaining a healthy body weight.


July - Marketing and Branding presented by Justin Tamsett


Friday August 18-Explore the Core 2 CECS presented by Amy Hunt

Learn the finer details of assessing your clients for potential debilitating back injuries.

A practical workshop that will provide many tips on assessing your clients core strength and posture followed by suggestions on the exercises that will form an effective core training program.

For more information please contact Jenny Borlase.