March update

I’m sure many of you that work or volunteer in the recreation industry have been busy over the summer months as the sunny weather provides may opportunities for people to get out and walk, run, swim, hike, canoe and whatever other activity which keeps them healthy and positive. Make sure you book a holiday in the quieter winter months so that you too can refresh and get a chance for your own recreation. 

We have also been extremely busy with our annual conference fast approaching on 3rd April, and some other changes happening across our business as we constantly strive to improve which can be difficult, as many of you would know, when resources are scarce. One such change is our fresh e-news design which should provide an easier read for our members, and improve our communication to our varied stakeholders. This is one of the many initiatives that are being implemented because of feedback we received from the stakeholder survey conducted by the Office for Recreation and Sport last year. Another key area our members identified was our leadership and advocacy role for the recreation industry, asking that we improve and therefore we have been working to seek feedback through our sector committees, which is an important mechanism for you to inform us and influence change. If you have an issue that is strategic in nature, and affects many in your sector of recreation, please convey your view through a committee representative or contact me directly by phone or email. Our board will be discussing the issues identified at the next Board meeting and developing our 2018 State Election advocacy strategy, based on our stakeholder’s feedback, to advocate strongly to the right people and at the right time. 

The board will be having a strategy session in May to review our current strategy and ensure we are well planned for the challenges that we face. Whilst the funding we receive from the Office of Recreation and Sport is greatly appreciated, and the support we receive from their staff is over and above what is expected, a key focus we have already identified in our strategic planning is the need to generate non-government revenue to improve our level of professionalism and level of support to the recreation industry. This will be a key item on the agenda for the strategy session, along with the progress we are making in supporting the trails sector and how we can continue to provide a tangible service to the fast growing and expansive South Australian Trails network. 

On a personal note, I would like to thank the volunteer board and all our sector committees for their enthusiasm and commitment, and support provided to me in what has now been close to 6 months at Recreation SA. I particularly thank the Recreation SA staff who constantly juggle multiple activities professionally, and do their best to balance work, family and sometimes their own recreation! Due to their efforts, we really do bat above our weight and I appreciate their efforts in keeping things going whilst at the same time having to embrace a new Executive Officer and Chairman which always disrupts the usual ways of doing things. 

If you have any suggestions on how we can service you or the industry better, or have key research or information that can inform our leadership and advocacy activities, please contact me directly by email or phone (0418 814 867).


Nick Takos