Issues impacting on Community Recreation:

At the March meeting of the Community Recreation Committee, the following issues were raised as having a significant impact on the sector:

  • Joint use agreements-The need for joint use agreements of facilities (indoor courts) and unlocking the potential of school’s indoor courts. Maximise use of existing facilities, often available from 3.30-9pm. Education Department/Local Council/Office for Recreation and Sport
  • Data- Lack of data on what and where recreation facilities are located. The formation of an Asset Register for recreation facilities. To be used in conjunction with other data available from DPTI for better planning particularly in regards to population growth and demographics.
  • Existing Campaigns - A discussion was held about the advantage of jumping on the back of existing government campaigns and how Recreation SA could use resources to continue to promote active recreation. For example, “Girls Make your Move” Federal Department of Health and Inclusion were highlighted.


The NDIS Scheme and how it impacts the Community Recreation sector has been raised by several members as an issue because of the recent changes to its structure and how this affects an individuals ability to access recreation support and services. It was agreed by the Committee that this topic would be ideal for a Community Recreation breakfast meeting.

Topics for discussion could include: what the recreation sector needs to know about the changes to the NDIS Scheme, the practicalities of NDIS, the implications for use, the barriers to use.

Staff changes:

This month Recreation SA farewells Jenny Borlase.

On behalf of the Board and staff at Recreation SA, Executive Officer Nick Takos thanked Jenny for her valuable contribution to Recreation SA, and the sectors she served, during her three years working at the organisation. Jenny, who liaised with and advocated for the Fitness and Community Recreation sectors, has departed the organisation to take up a role as Head Coach Netball, at the South Australian Sports Institute. She played a key role in increasing the profile of Recreation SA in the Fitness sector, through the delivery of the Fitness Professional Network Series, and launching the Inclusive Recreation project, which aims to assist our Community Recreation members and patrons. Recreation SA is grateful for her efforts and wish her all the best in new role, where her leadership skills will benefit the up-and-coming netballers of the state.