The Outdoor committee is a group of experienced people who are passionate advocates for their industry. The membership of this group is made up of elected representatives with broad industry representation across the State including tertiary and secondary education, not for profit organisations, commercial and voluntary organisations. I encourage you to contact them if you have any suggestions of items or issues we should be addressing or anything you believe Recreation should be showing more leadership with or advocating for.

The Committee is made up of:

Tim Gill (Chair - Recreation SA Board member)

David Williamson (Tafe SA)

Kerry Houston (Recreation SA Board member)

Ben Hopkins (Baptist Care SA)

Greg Boundy (Walking SA)

Michael Meredith (OEASA)

Peter Vandepeer (Life Member Recreation SA)

Due to one member having to step down, we currently have a vacancy. If interested in filling the vacancy until the next election in September, please contact me on 0418 814 867.

Two major initiatives members of our Committee are involved with are:

  1.            Adventure Activity Standards (AAS):

Recreation SA, along with other outdoors bodies from around the country,  is working to develop a single set of national standards for outdoor adventure activities. As you may know, the Adventure Activity Standards (AAS) are the outdoor sectors best practice guidelines used to manage risk and safety across a wide range of outdoor adventure activities. They are designed to be used by skilled outdoor leaders who are responsible for participants in these activities. Currently, Recreation SA maintains its own set of South Australian Adventure Activity Standards as do the other states, however to provide consistency across all of these activities, the National AAS Steering Committee has been established to drive the development of the Australian Adventure Activity Standards (AAAS).

Following many months of meetings, discussions and consultation, the Common Core Technical Committee are currently working on completing the largest task of the AAAS - the final draft of the AAAS Common Core that will be applicable to all activities.

Recreation SA is currently represented by Peter Vandepeer (a Life Member of Recreation SA) on both the Steering Committee and the Common Core Technical Committee. We thank Peter for working tirelessly to ensure we are represented effectively in this important process.

Technical Working Groups are now progressively being formed to shape up the AAAS in each specific activity. So far Bushwalking, Horse Trail Riding, Mountain Biking & Bicycle Touring, and Climbing & Abseiling groups have all been formed, with excellent representation from South Australians on all working groups.

The outdoor committee of Recreation SA has met and considered the development of the AAAS on four occasions and each of the members has discussed the AAS widely and sought (and provided) valuable feedback.

  1.            National Training Packages: 

Outdoor Committee member David Williamson represented Recreation SA on the Outdoor Recreation Technical Advisory Committee and informs that both the Sport and Outdoor Recreation Cases for Change were approved by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC). The Outdoor Recreation Case for Change indicated that 18 months was required to undertake a full review of the associated training package components given the size and extent of change required, however AISC has requested that this work be completed within 12 months.

Further, the AISC has requested the review of equine related units of competency be submitted for endorsement by June 30, 2017. This is to align with other equine-related training package work occurring under a separate SSO, Skills Impact.  The next step will be the issuing of an Activity Order allowing the commencement of work. Once formalised SkillsIQ will work to develop a Draft 1 based on the Cases for Change.

If you have any suggestions regarding any issues the Outdoor Committee can assist with, please don’t hesitate to contact Nick Takos on 0418 814 867.

Picture Credit: Horse SA.