Successful organisations are built by great people working together. Recreation SA is made up of a small number of staff, and a large number of volunteers who are highly skilled working across the industries that we represent. Both groups put so much effort in to ensure we meet your needs and provide value to the aquatics, outdoors, trails, fitness and community sectors that we serve. My thanks goes to all of these people and appreciation for their enthusiasm and passion.  I would like to congratulate board member Tim Gill who has stepped down from the board due to work and personal commitments (which includes a new baby!), his knowledge and expertise at board level will be greatly missed, although he remains on our Outdoor committee. Also, we wish Jenny Borlase all the best as she departs Recreation SA to join SASI and their netball coaching division. Jenny will be greatly missed particularly in our fitness and community sectors where she was active in supporting those involved in her usual thorough and reliable way. We welcome Helen Kentish to our team who has a background in running events and a real passion for the community sector and I’m sure you will enjoy your dealings with her as it is hard not to feel enthused when you meet her.




In April I mentioned how our members want us to improve our leadership and advocacy, and I highlighted some of the issues we have been provided from members as being top priorities. Look out for our website being updated to keep you informed what they are, and to what actions we are undertaking. Recently we emailed all members seeking input on those issues relevant to your sector. Whilst some people responded, I think there are so many more “big picture” issues that you would like us to voice the collective view on, so I urge you to send them through or contact me or one of our board or committee members to discuss what is important to your industry.


We have recently met with Shadow Minster Corey Wingard and will be meeting with Minister Leon Bignell soon. Please contact us with any issues of concern so that we can maximise their time and ensure the decision-makers are aware of what the industry is concerned with and wants.




Whilst we still have some work to do in order to be ready, look out for some new initiatives that are being planned that will provide opportunities for training in some of our industry sectors and services that you can engage Recreation SA to undertake for your organisation. Our board is committed to ensuring that we assess opportunities to grow Recreation SA so that not only are we less reliant on government funding (which is under constant pressure to be spread more thinly) but also so that we can be better resourced to assist the members and industries for which we represent.



Hope you are still able to keep active in these cold months and chilly mornings. Must admit my mountain bike riding is getting later on a Saturday morning and is non-existent mid- week!


Call me on 0418 814 867 at any time if you have something you would like to discuss on how Recreation SA can perform better.