Here is a snapshot of some of the latest events and activities from our members:

City of Port Adelaide Enfield

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield is currently seeking Expressions of Interest from Sporting and Recreational Clubs for a new Head Lessee for the Eastern Parade Reserve Facility.

The Eastern Parade Reserve has had limited activity on it over the past three years and the council is seeking applications from interested sport and recreational clubs to increase and maximise sport and recreational activity for the local and broader community.

This is a great opportunity for a dynamic and forward thinking sporting club that can provide and support our community to access, participate and benefit from sport.

Applications will be assessed on how well they meet the following principles:

  • The benefit to the Port Adelaide Enfield community
  • Optimising use of the facility and reserve
  • Shared use of the facility / reserve
  • Sport and Community Development activities
  • Club sustainability – financial and operational
  • Investment in the facility

The Expression of Interest Application Form must be completed in full and returned to Council at PO Box 110 Port Adelaide SA 5015, via email to or in person – 163 St Vincent Street, Port Adelaide by 5pm 30 June 2017.

If you have any questions relating to this application form please contact Paul Zimny – Sport and Recreation Development Coordinator on 8405 6736 or email

Active Ageing Exercise Workshop - June 17

Fresh Moves 3 - Mind Body Balance teaches mindful Qi Gong, Yoga, and Pilates. Catering to all levels of ability and fitness, every participant using the Mind Body Balance style will benefit from these movements.

The light strengthening and stretching exercises will leave each person with a relaxed body and peaceful mind.

This is aimed at the younger old, this is an active workshop that will include floor work.

For more details click here.

2017 Corporate Cup

The Corporate Cup is designed for people of all ages to improve their fitness over a period of 16 weeks, starting in August. Operating once a fortnight, participants choose to walk or run courses in the City, Somerton Park, Mawson Lakes, or Port Adelaide.

Great for team building, personal fitness and developing an active lifestyle, this iconic Adelaide event has was established in 1981 and has been run annually 37 years.

Click here for more information.

ORS Training Courses:

The Office of Recreation and Sport offer a series of training courses aimed at the Sport and Recreation sector throughout the year.

View the list here.

Canoe Polo:

Canoe Polo is a fun way to develop or refine your kayaking skills in a safe environment and is for all ages and abilities. It has all the action of a football game and yet has a low risk of injury. A fast, energetic and extremely skilful game it is played in indoor swimming pools in Winter, and outdoor swimming pools, lakes and other bodies of water in Summer.  It combines the ball skills of water polo with kayaking skills for manoeuvrability.

 Each team has 5 players on the field with up to 3 substitutes. The field is 35 x 20 metres in size, with a 2 x 1.5m goal suspended 2 metres above the water at each end. The rules are based on safety, allowing fast, exciting play that is very entertaining for spectators.

Each player paddles a specially designed kayak called a ‘polo bat’ that is up to 3 metres long that is low volume and has protective bumpers at the front and back. Players wear a protective buoyancy vest and helmet with faceguard.  Players in possession of the ball can be ‘tackled’ by the opposition’s kayak, or ‘hand tackled’ on the shoulder and capsized in the more advanced levels. The ball is passed hand to hand as in water polo. Paddles can be used to intercept passes and block shots at goal.

Each game is 2 x 10 minutes as it can be very anaerobic. There is a ‘Summer Series’ interstate competition with tournaments in the ACT, Victoria, NSW and SA. WA, Qld and Tas hold local competitions and interstate players are always welcomed there also. National championships are held on a rotational basis in each state, with the National Championships in Adelaide in 2018.

Currently there is a Winter competition run at Westminster School’s pool on Sunday nights’ 5-7pm and beginners are welcome. There will be a number of summer competitions and more details can be obtained by obtaining ‘BATCHAT’ the Canoe Polo newsletter by contacting the communication officer or Canoe SA for more details.