Recreation SA is the recognised peak industry body for the Aquatic, Outdoor, Community and Fitness + Health sectors in South Australia. 

  • Our mission is to provide leadership, support and advocacy to organisations in the recreation industry.
  • Our vision is to increase the participation and profile of active recreation in South Australia.

There are 11.6 million (59%) people aged 15 years and over and 2.5 million (54%) children aged 0 to 14 that participate in physical recreation or sport in Australia each week. The Top 5 physical activities participated in (including sports) are;

  1. Walking
  2. Fitness + Gym
  3. Athletics (running and jogging)
  4. Recreational Swimming
  5. Recreational Cycling

There are over 870,000 South Australian's participating in sport or active recreation at least once a week and the industry employs over 10,000 people. (All data supplied by ABS & AusPlay)

This data demonstrates that active recreation in South Australia is a vital part of our communities and plays a big role in contributing to our economy. Therefore, we must ensure Recreation is not only affordable and sustainable in South Australia but SAFE.

We call on all political parties to acknowledge, support and promote the importance of Water Safety as we approach the 2018 State Election.


We are South Australia’s recognised peak body for the commercial aquatics sector. In 2016, we released a Code of Practice for public swimming pools. This resource was designed to incorporate all appropriate guidelines and regulations required to operate a public swimming pool to the highest possible standard in SA. This COP benefits all Aquatic industry employees and patrons by providing them with a framework for planning and assessing aquatic environments, creating and maintaining safer venues and minimising risks and hazards.

Recreation SA currently holds a seat on the South Australian Water Safety Council. Our aim is to ensure ALL children and parents are educated, better supported and better resourced. With a strong focus and attention on educating CALD communities.

A commitment from the State Government to help fund these communities with education and programs help raise awareness of water safety and will reduce the risk of drowning injuries and/or deaths.

Recreation SA administer and deliver the Watch Around Water - Public awareness campaign in South Australia and urge both sides of Government to rally behind and support this great initiative.

  • Children Under 10 years – ALWAYS keep in sight.
  • Children Under 5 years – ALWAYS keep them within arm’s reach.

As part of this program, we have advocated for compulsory water safety lessons to be implemented for ALL children based on the Victorian & Queensland Governments decisions to fund these campaigns in their schools and make them compulsory. We request our Government follows suit.