On June 7, Recreation SA in partnership with Parks & Leisure SA/NT successfully coordinated the 2018 SA Recreation, Parks and Leisure Conference at the SA: Aquatic and Leisure Centre.

The conference titled “Community meets Facilities” focused on the relationship between communities and facilities, including the opportunities for creating places and facilities that surpass the needs of communities, as well as initiatives for achieving active and connected communities.

The conference program addressed the issues and opportunities for the industry and brought highly relevant topics presented by subject specialists. Targeted speaker sessions provided practical information and advice that assisted delegates to better plan for facilities, spaces and communities. More than 150 delegates, presenters, sponsors and trade exhibitors attended the conference and it was pleasing to see the event well supported across the industry. The conference is a leading professional development opportunity for people working in the recreation sector.

Leadership and Advocacy

Our vision is to increase the participation and profile of active recreation in South Australia. Our mission is to provide leadership, support and advocacy to organisations in the recreation industry. We are constantly redefining and evolving our ways to deliver better outcomes for our valued members and the industry. There are several key parts which play a role in our advocacy strategy. They include;

  • Our 2018 Election Campaign: A call for the South Australian Government to increase their focus on water safety and make it a priority of the state
  • Advocate for the opening of reservoirs for recreational activities such as; swimming, canoeing, kayaking and fishing and commence talks with government for a Recreation Fishing Licence
  • Support the ongoing development of the national Australian Adventure Activity Standards
  • The development of the 2019-2022 Recreation SA strategic plan. Including increasing and improving member value and benefits

We have extremely pro-active industry advisory committees that provide regular feedback and direction and we are always open to suggestions from our members on key industry issues that we can help provide leadership and advocacy for.

I would also like to inform our members in April 2018, we welcomed Lucy White to the Recreation SA board of directors. Lucy is a Corporate Lawyer with an extensive background in Sport and Recreation.

We will continue to provide strong leadership, support and advocacy to our members and industry sectors.

Please feel free to contact me directly by email eo@recreationsa.org or phone

0415 458 559

Warm Regards, Stu Ferenci