The Australian Adventure Activity Standard (Australian AAS) Steering Committee is now seeking to form 4 separate Technical Working Groups (TWG) to help draft the activity specific 'Good Practice Guides' for:

Nominations are now being sort from people with broad expertise and experience in any of these activities. Experience in leadership of the particular activity with dependent participants is essential.

The Australian AAS and Good Practice Guides will provide the good practice framework for safe and responsible planning and delivery of outdoor adventure activities with dependent participants.

The activity ‘Core Good Practice Guides’ will hold all the provisions that are applicable to the particular activity and will utilise the ‘Core Good Practice Guide’ as its base. The ‘Core Good Practice Guide’ covers topics such as risk management frameworks, emergency management plans, child safety and sun safety. The activity ‘Core Good Practice Guide’ will cover topics such as leader competencies, supervision requirements, equipment and specific environmental considerations.

More information:

The various TWG will meet via teleconference with their work likely to start late Jan or Feb 2019. To get the full invitation and details on nominating go to:

Angling -
Caving -
Sea Kayaking -
Snorkelling -
Nominate via the online form by going to the above links.  Nominations close 15 Oct 2018 (9.00am AEDT)

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