Recreation SA is a member based NFP organisation and we are here for our members. We provide support and advocacy to the recreation industry and work with government, industry, members and other key stakeholders on common issues.

Recreation SA’s vision and mission has not changed in the past 12 months. We continue to provide leadership, support and advocacy to organizations and members in the recreation industry with a mission to increase the participation and profile of active recreation.

Advocacy strategy:

  • We pride ourselves on inclusion and diversity and ensure we adhere to the 40:40:20 initiative at Board, Committee and organizational level. The 40:40:20 policy is a key strategy to improve and support gender equality in the industry.
  • Key involvement with the ALFA Board – The Australia Leisure Facilities Association. A National body comprising of all State Peak Bodies, working on common issues at a Federal level. The ALFA Board compromises of; Aquatics and Recreation Victoria, LIWA - Leisure Institute of Western Australia, ARI NSW: Aquatics & Rec Institute NSW, ALFA QLD – Australian Leisure facilities QLD)
  • Key involvement with Royal Life Saving Australia: National Aquatic’s Industry Safety Committee and remain an integral part of the SA Water Safety Committee and CALD specific sub-committee
  • Continual improvement of member services including additional benefits such as: Wilderness First Aid Courses, Networking Events and Greater Advocacy with the $100 sports vouchers and working with the Office for Rec, Sport and Racing and Minister Wingard in making these vouchers accessible for all South Australian Aquatic Centre’s
  • Advocated to the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing to introduce compulsory water safety lessons for ALL primary school children and conduct research into why this is currently not occurring. Rec SA have partnered with Uni SA, CERM PI, key industry stakeholders and members to research and analyze this data and collate statistics. We hope to receive funding for this 2-year project in 2019
  • We have plans to develop and introduce a Reconciliation Action Plan that can be implemented by Rec SA and used as a resource for members. We are hopeful to work with Reconciliation Australia to develop this much needed and well overdue RAP for our organisation and the industry. Reconciliation is an integral part of of any organisiation or community in Australia and a Stage 1: Reflect, Reconciliation Action Plan is simply the first step
  • In our Outdoor sector we remain on the Steering Committee for the Australian Adventure Activity Standards. The AAAS core standards were pre-released in December 2018 and can be found on our website. We will also be involved with running information webinars and will facilitate information workshops later in the year providing support and advocacy to the Outdoor industry.
  • We continue offering and providing our support and assistance when necessary to the Opening of Reservoirs taskforce. Working with the Government (Dep for Environment and Water & ORSR) and SA Water. A recreation working group will soon be established and Rec SA will have heavy involvement in this process.
  • We have continued to redefine our work in the Community, Health & Fitness sector and partnered with Fitness Australia to run interactive networking events to bring the South Australian Fitness industry closer together. We ran 4 events in 2018 and so far, have facilitated one workshop in 2019. The remaining workshops will be tailored around Community Facilities and how to run/manage Community Centers, members, staff and volunteers.
  • We have successfully increased the number of Watch Around Water Centre’s from 63 to 113 in 2018/19 and we thank ORSR and Clubs SA for their ongoing support, contribution and sponsorship of this great program
  • Facilitated and completed the 2018 Trails SA project – Including the development of a bulk Trails importing tool for the website, the uploading of 30 new Canoe/Paddle Trails and the potential launch and development of a Trails SA smart phone app along with identifying other key industry needs
  • Strategic vision to increase membership and investigate industry related revenue streams to create additional resources and reserves for re-investment

Recreation SA
Executive Officer
Mr. Stu Ferenci