As the Peak body of Recreation in South Australia, part of our mission is to provide leadership on inclusive recreation for all South Australians.  Together we have partnered with Inclusive Sport SA to help your facility provide inclusive recreation for all members in your community and increase the number of people actively recreating.

In 2016 Recreation SA conducted a series of workshops for the community recreation sector. Feedback from the group indicated the need for more information and resources on how to engage and implement programs that will increase participation in centres and be suitable for all groups within their community.

Recreation and sport are widely regarded as platforms for inclusion in Australian communities by its ability to engage people from a variety of backgrounds. Taking part with others in mutually enjoyable recreational activities is a way of forming and maintaining relationships. This can create a sense of belonging for individuals in a community and positively contribute to their overall health and wellbeing.

Inclusive participation is recognising differences between individuals/groups, and is achieved when all Australians feel engaged, welcomed and provided with an active role to participate.

For sport and recreation to flourish and grow, there needs to be continual evolution and implementation of practical strategies to make environments fair, safe and inclusive for all.

Firstly, use the easy to follow self-assessment checklist to think about:

  • the needs of your community
  • the ways in which your Facility can provide recreation opportunities
  • how to reach out to the community by approaching organisations
  • how to work with other sport/recreation organisations to create opportunities at your facility

Secondly, use the fact sheets to provide information on the key areas of consideration when delivering inclusive recreation. These include:

[Management, Communication, Physical Access, Environmental and Cultural Considerations]

Finally, we are here to help your facility and invite you to contact us at Recreation SA on 08 8271 6874 or

Alternatively, please contact the Inclusion Advisor, Stephanie Greenland at Inclusive Sport SA on 08 8122 6735

Inclusion downloads

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