Cultural considerations for your facility or space

A culture is created from the people representing the vision and beliefs of your facility expressing a universal attitudes towards inclusive opportunities.

First impressions at a facility can make an impact on potential new members from the moment they walk through the door. It is important that your positive culture is visible.

Questions to consider

  • Does your facility promote a positive and welcoming culture? (E.g. displaying a welcome poster in a number of languages, a written commitment to inclusion and other elements that demonstrate your facility’s openness)
  • Do you have a welcome package for your members?
  • Are there assigned Welcoming Officers so that people are engaged and assisted from the moment they walk in the door of your facility?

Developing positive community engagement is important for nurturing relationships and developing a sense of community and comradery.

Questions to consider

  • Do you have an acknowledgment of country at your facility, especially at events? (i.e. a Welcome to Country)
  • Do you celebrate diverse events that are relevant to members of your community? (E.g. Chinese New Year, Christmas and inclusion oriented events such as LGBTIQ Pride or Welcome to Australia events)

Creating champions of inclusion is a positive way of demonstrating that it is ok to talk about differences as it acknowledges that your community is diverse, which should be celebrated.

Questions to consider

  • Are there currently individuals, groups, programs or events that increases participation opportunities and creates a welcoming environment for people in your community? Do you acknowledge this? (E.g. ‘member of the month’ profiles, awards)

For further information on Cultural considerations for your facility, please contact Inclusive Sport SA