The management of your facility plays a crucial role in its delivery of service and continued success.

Knowing your community is vital to ensure you are providing opportunities which engage your community members.

Questions to consider

  • What groups of people currently access your facility? (E.g. School aged, ageing, multicultural, indigenous, CALD, LGBTI, people living with disability, Parents and carers)
  • What groups would you like to access your facility?
  • Have you looked at the statistical demographics of your community through your local council?
  • Who uses your facility for non-recreational activities? (E.g. functions)
  • Which organisations from the sector have you engaged with in the last 12 months?
  • Which organisations could you contact that may give you an insight into potential user groups at your facility?
  • Which local schools, sporting and recreational clubs and community groups are located in your local area?
  • How do you advertise and promote your facility? Is it tailored to the people within your community?

Developing a positive culture for your members stems from the culture created among your staff as it transfers to practice.

Questions to consider

  • How do you work to create diversity within your staff so that it reflects your community? (E.g. culturally and age diverse)
  • Is your communication to your staff inclusive? How do you ensure this?
  • Is inclusion on the agenda at staff meetings?
  • How do you address attitudes among your staff which stereotype people or groups?
  • Do you raise awareness about inclusion and provide training for your staff? (E.g. provide strategies to enable positive communication [behaviour/language] between staff and members to meet the needs of user groups [developing meaningful relationships])

Policies are important to guide decisions which consider all aspects of your recreation space and the community who access it.

Questions to consider

  • Are your policies inclusive?
  • Does your facility recognise inclusion in its strategic plan?

For further information on Management considerations for your facility, please contact Inclusive Sport SA