Physical access to and within your recreation space are vital for members’ ease of use.

Access to your facility is important as people will use a variety of ways to get to there.  If members of the community cannot easily access your facility, they are not likely to come and use it.

Questions to consider

  • Is access to your facility well promoted?
  • What are the best methods of access to your facility? (E.g. car, bus, train, tram, walk)
  • What are the barriers to accessing your facility?
  • Is your car park design safe? (E.g. Does it consider; blind spots, traffic flow, pedestrian crossings, lighting, parking meters [height, buttons, signage on how to use machine], signage)
  • Is your parking inclusive for all members of your community? (E.g. Does it consider; drop off/pick up zones, width and length of spaces, space for ramps from vehicles, number of accessible spaces [people with a disability, prams, wheelchairs, walking aids, assistance animals], location of car parks, pedestrian access from car park to entrance of your facility)
  • What is the type of physical terrain around your facility? (E.g. Does it consider; flat even pathways free from hazards, width suitability for mobility aids, seating, shelter, ramps)

Access in your facility can include how a person moves around open spaces, to small considerations such as the size, shape and texture of handles for a person to open a door with ease.

Questions to consider

  • Who maintains the accessibility and usability of your facility?
  • Is there a register to report hazards and barriers?
  • What are the surfaces in your facility? (E.g. carpet, wooden, wet area, concrete) Does this cater for all methods of mobility?
  • Do you have doors between spaces in your facility, are they accessible for all? (E.g. Does it consider; manual/automatic, handle type, position/swing, width, intercom/key card access, safety markings)
  • Do you provide equipment to aid members’ participation in activities? (E.g. hand rails, water chairs, hoists, ramps)

For further information on Physical Access considerations for your facility, please contact Inclusive Sport SA