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Trails Sub Committee

South Australia has a wonderful diversity of landscapes from pristine aquatic environments through to wine growing districts and rugged outback regions.

These destinations provide a wide range of trail experiences from horse riding, on and off-road cycling, walking and hiking to canoe, kayak and scuba.

While these trails are utilised by many enthusiasts they remain largely unknown to the broader community beyond these user groups.

Interstate and overseas, more and more communities are investing significantly in the development of destinations that deliver premium quality trail experiences.

Increasingly these assets are being seen as drivers for economic development, increased tourism visitation and improved public health through physical activity.

To date however, South Australia has not maximised the opportunity of its significant trail networks for these broader community benefits.

At the strategic level, the trails sector has, for over a decade, been driven through the South Australian Trails Coordinating Committee. Hosted by the Office for Recreation and Sport, the SATCC engaged government and community stakeholders (user groups) through quarterly meetings. While the SATCC was able to provide expert advice to the Minister (when requested), it was not able to engage in public advocacy.

Following the delivery of the “Directions for Recreational Trails In South Australia” review undertaken by Horse SA, on behalf of trail industry members, a key direction of the paper was the proposal to shift the SATCC coordination to being an industry led forum.

A trails subcommittee now sits under Recreation SA to deliver trails outcomes and provide advocacy to the sector.

The trails subcommittee is made up of

A Recreational Trails 10 year Master Plan was completed late 2015 to drive the direction of the trails industry.

You can view and download the Master Plan on the new Trails SA website.

Many other trail resources are available on the Trails SA website including: